Casey Anthony

Unless you have been living under a rock you know the name Casey Anthony and that whole situation. The mother that was accused of killing her daughter and then trying to cover it up. The media hype over this one case has been absolutely insane. You have had commentators railing against this horrible mother who they said for sure killed her own daughter. It’s amazing how Ms. Anthony was convicted by public opinion and the media before even having a formal trial. To the utter shock and dismay of millions Casey Anthony was just recently found not guilty of killing her daughter. The outrage over this verdict has been amazing.
Honestly I don’t think Casey was guilty in the least. The evidence presented by the prosecution was circumstantial at best. The only evidence the media and the public had was that she had gone partying after her daughter went missing. Now to some this might seem cold-hearted and inexcusable but no one knows what was actually going through her head. Could it be possible that she was so distraught she wanted an escape? Maybe she was using partying and alcohol to get away from the pain for a few moments. Again this is all circumstantial evidence and should hold no bearing in a court of law. Luckily it didn’t.
One huge proponent of the hate on Casey Anthony crowd was Nancy Grace. For those who don’t know Nancy Grace is an absolute monster of a woman who has her own show on CNN Headline News. She discusses legal issues and such with great fervor and passion. Nancy used to be a prosecutor in Georgia and used extremely dirty tactics to supposedly bring people to justice. Now that she has her own show she feels it is her responsibility to influence court cases that she feels strongly about. If she thinks a suspect is guilty she completely attacks their character and everything she can to make them look that much worse.
I’m sorry but I thought it was innocent until proven guilty in our justice system not the other way around. So many times she has completely destroyed a person simply based on her hunches or thoughts regarding that individual. In the Casey Anthony case it was no different. From the very beginning she was attacking her character and personal choices. She even played jailhouse tapes of conversations between Casey and the rest of her family. Honestly I don’t think a person is at their best when they are in jail. You get very little sleep, poor nutrition and unbearable company. You may lash out and not make complete sense when talking.
Another case was that of Haleigh Cummings. Misty Croslin was convicted of attempting to buy drugs to distribute and was also the last person to see Haleigh Cummings before she disappeared. According to Nancy Grace this means that Misty knows where she is at and is guilty of kidnapping or possibly murder. Again there is no evidence of this just a hunch by Nancy. In this case Nancy showed tapes of Misty complaining about the food and conditions within jail. She completely derided her for this saying she just needs to suck it up. Nancy has never spent any time in jail so she has no idea what the conditions are like. She just sent people to jail.
Now there is the issue of Nancy’s record as a prosecutor. In two cases she was reprimanded by the Georgia supreme court for misconduct. One case was even overturned as a result of her completely dirty tactics. Another was declared a mistrial because she brought up totally unrelated rape and murder cases in a heroin case. Obviously this woman has no respect for the law. If she had it her way anyone charged with a crime would be guilty upon being charged. There would be no burden of proof and no trial.
Nancy Grace needs to get out of the law business completely. She doesn’t care about the process of law as clearly demonstrated in the Casey Anthony case. After the acquittal Nancy stated that the jury got it wrong. Well what an insult to those 12 people. Those 12 people got it wrong but Nancy Grace knows the truth. I think the word for that would be narcissism. When you think you are the only one who is ever right and that the world revolves around them that is narcissism. Nancy Grace is clinical in this area. Seriously she needs to see a psychologist or something.
Somewhere along the line Nancy Grace must have lost faith in the justice system or something. Now I’m not at all saying that it is perfect by any means. People get wrongly convicted all the time and also get off Scot free when they really are guilty. But on the flip side I do believe that America has one of the best if not the best justice systems in the world. Presumed innocence is one of the cornerstones or American justice. Nancy seems to think that presumed innocence is a farce. Thank God the jurors in the Casey Anthony case did not heed the word of a crazed woman on a rampage. Thank God they evaluated the evidence or lack thereof and based on that evidence made the right decision.
So Nancy Grace you need to stop publicly crucifying people just because you have some gut feeling or think they are guilty. You are not a judge, you are not a juror and you are not a prosecutor anymore. You are a television hack who needs to get a life. You say you advocate for victims but the truth is that you are only concerned with your ratings and popularity. All press is good press right Nancy? I wanna know when we are going to hear a public apology from you to these people who turn out to be innocent. It’s probably never going to happen but if you have any dignity and any honor you will apologize. The sooner the better.


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