In the course of a person’s life they will have an average of 10 jobs. In all of these jobs there are of course things that one will not like and pure bull crap they will have to put up with. Some jobs are more difficult than others. The most difficult are the ones that have an unbearable supervisor.
Many bosses it seems have lost the ability to relate to their employees. For some reason after attaining their managerial position they lose the ability to know what it was like as an entry level employee. They use and abuse their power simply because they are on an ego trip. Many of these bosses really need to go back to school for employee relations.
When you have people quitting left and right or just plain horrible morale something is obviously wrong. Of course many of these bosses don’t even realize that they are the problem. They are so blissfully unaware or simply so arrogant that they do not realize the toll they are taking on their employees and in turn the work required does not get done.
When morale is low inevitably quality will be low. People with no motivation will only do the bare minimum to get by. Employees have to have an incentive to work hard and keep coming back day after day. If the environment is terrible then there is no incentive.
Another area in employment is that of pay. People should really be paid based on their performance not simply just because they show up for eight hours every day. If an employee is doing shoddy work then they should get shoddy pay. That right there would be motivation enough to do good quality work. It’s really sad when there are employees who work so hard and yet receive the same rate of pay as someone who slacks off for the entire eight hour day.
Really I think it is the responsibility of direct supervisors to ask for raises for their employees. If a supervisor sees a person doing an exceptional job then they should go to the guy above them and ask for a pay raise for that person. It seems some bosses are too afraid to ask because they think they will look bad. You can’t really look bad when you are standing up for your employees. If someone deserves more money they should get it. There should never be set in stone rates for any position in the work force. Maybe a minimum and a maximum but there should be a lot of room in between to work with.
In the end if you have happy employees you will have a good work place and high quality. The people that do the supposed “grunt” or low lever work are usually the most important to keep a business going. Think about it, if all of the janitors at a school just decided to quit that place would get really dirty in a hurry. Also if all the groundskeepers at a golf course were to suddenly leave the course would be in shambles.
These people at some of the supposed lowest levels should be paid a whole lot more. It’s hard work to clean and maintain anything really. When a boss won’t stand up for these people and won’t ask for a raise for these people something is wrong. Usually these lower employees work and make the boss look good. So he gets paid his salary and gets his benefits while the lowly employees that allow him to keep his job get paid next to nothing with no benefits. How is that fair exactly?
Many bosses need to step up and be better at their jobs. They need to create a warm and welcoming work environment as well as provide the compensation equal to the job and quality of that job. Employees don’t need to be berated, especially in front of other employees. They don’t need to be treated like children or like they are stupid. This just decreases morale and makes the employees resent the employer. They should be happy to work for a boss not resent it. Happy employees equal a happy business. The sooner employers learn this the better.


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This blog may never be read by anyone but I just feel better when my thoughts are written out. It's a big release for me so if you read kudos, if not oh well. This is more for my therapy than for the public.
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