I really would like to understand the mental illness that is liberalism. I just cannot understand how people can adhere to such a rigid and yet nonsensical ideology. Liberalism has been retooled in many different forms over many decades. In history the name may have changed but the ideology and policies has not. It has been known as socialism, social justice, progressivism, liberalism, Democrat, communist, and more.

The same ideas seem to prevail throughout the years. Many liberals claim to care about the poor and try to give off a sense of compassion. The problem, however, arises when their policies are put into place. They seem to think that if all people are equal in income and situation then the world will be a perfect utopia. This might be a good idea in theory but it does not work in practice. If everyone is the same then there will be no employers and no one to make charitable contributions. Liberals then make the argument that if everyone relied on the all powerful and benevolent government this situation will resolve itself. The main factor that is not considered in this scenario is that man is weak and corrupt. The power in government is always turned to evil if given the chance.

The founders of this country envisioned a weak central government with power delegated to the local states and municipalities. Government is a necessary evil but one that has to be kept in check. The United States is meant to keep that power in check through the three branch system and the power of the average citizen. When a government gets too powerful or is abusing the power it was entrusted with then it is the duty of the citizens to bring the persons responsible to justice. Liberals do not share this same vision. They see government as a tool to control the masses and bring social justice to all through force. I am not saying that we should not care for the poor or give assistance to those in need. What I am saying is that the power to carry out these programs and charity cannot be left in the hands of a few corrupt individuals. Obama, who has become the liberal poster child, stated the feelings of liberals best when he stated that the Constitution and Congress areĀ unfortunate impediments to his high and mighty policies.

America really is the enemy of the liberal mentality. The Founding Fathers saw the tactics of the liberals even back when they were forming the government. Back then the liberals were probably known by a different name as I stated before but they still existed. The system of checks and balances is supposed to reign in any extra power that one branch of government may gain over another. The liberals do not like this and would like to see the whole thing done away with.

In the end the liberal ideology is all about power. It is supported by those who may have been bullied as kids or who grew up in not so privileged circumstances. They grew up envying those who had since they had not. They support the liberal ideology because it takes from those who have and is supposed to give to those who have not but it doesn’t usually work that way. Liberalism is a system to grab power and wealth from those who have because the people that buy into the mentality feel that those who have do not deserve it. Corrupt power is synonymous with liberalism.

People need to stop buying into the liberal ideology. It does not help the poor. Liberalism keeps the poor in poverty so that those in power can maintain that power. Obama is the perfect example of this. He has only used his position for personal gain rather than to actually help people. He sees his position as president as some sort of justice for the years he spent as a minority. He feels that the rich white man owes him for the discrimination. Being president is his ultimate justice but it is not the end. Obama will continue to promote policies that destroy the upper class and even the middle class. He will be seen as a champion of the poor to a lot of people but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Personal responsibility has to become commonplace again. People may start out in this life equally, hence are created equal, but people do not end their lives equal. People’s position in society depends on their hard work and determination. Liberals would have you believe that most poor people cannot change their situation so they need help from those who are not so poor. They would have you believe that the poor can only overcome their situation with hand outs from the government. The truth is that poor people can rise out of their situation if they try hard enough. America is the land of opportunity and anyone can make it. The liberal ideology would keep people in poverty while driving more and more people into poverty. Liberalism would create a system so rigid that no one would be able to change their situation even if they wanted to.

So maybe liberalism cannot be understood completely but people should try because in order to fight something you have to understand it first. Liberalism is bad for America and bad for the world. Whatever name they call it the ideology just will not work. No socialist country on earth has ever survived in all of history. Liberalism is socialism so liberalism will destroy any country as well. Liberalism should be rejected and understood for what it is: a corrupt system where those in power decide who gets money and keeps people in poverty. Liberalism is the modern day slavery.


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This blog may never be read by anyone but I just feel better when my thoughts are written out. It's a big release for me so if you read kudos, if not oh well. This is more for my therapy than for the public.
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