I really would like to understand the mental illness that is liberalism. I just cannot understand how people can adhere to such a rigid and yet nonsensical ideology. Liberalism has been retooled in many different forms over many decades. In history the name may have changed but the ideology and policies has not. It has been known as socialism, social justice, progressivism, liberalism, Democrat, communist, and more.

The same ideas seem to prevail throughout the years. Many liberals claim to care about the poor and try to give off a sense of compassion. The problem, however, arises when their policies are put into place. They seem to think that if all people are equal in income and situation then the world will be a perfect utopia. This might be a good idea in theory but it does not work in practice. If everyone is the same then there will be no employers and no one to make charitable contributions. Liberals then make the argument that if everyone relied on the all powerful and benevolent government this situation will resolve itself. The main factor that is not considered in this scenario is that man is weak and corrupt. The power in government is always turned to evil if given the chance.

The founders of this country envisioned a weak central government with power delegated to the local states and municipalities. Government is a necessary evil but one that has to be kept in check. The United States is meant to keep that power in check through the three branch system and the power of the average citizen. When a government gets too powerful or is abusing the power it was entrusted with then it is the duty of the citizens to bring the persons responsible to justice. Liberals do not share this same vision. They see government as a tool to control the masses and bring social justice to all through force. I am not saying that we should not care for the poor or give assistance to those in need. What I am saying is that the power to carry out these programs and charity cannot be left in the hands of a few corrupt individuals. Obama, who has become the liberal poster child, stated the feelings of liberals best when he stated that the Constitution and Congress are unfortunate impediments to his high and mighty policies.

America really is the enemy of the liberal mentality. The Founding Fathers saw the tactics of the liberals even back when they were forming the government. Back then the liberals were probably known by a different name as I stated before but they still existed. The system of checks and balances is supposed to reign in any extra power that one branch of government may gain over another. The liberals do not like this and would like to see the whole thing done away with.

In the end the liberal ideology is all about power. It is supported by those who may have been bullied as kids or who grew up in not so privileged circumstances. They grew up envying those who had since they had not. They support the liberal ideology because it takes from those who have and is supposed to give to those who have not but it doesn’t usually work that way. Liberalism is a system to grab power and wealth from those who have because the people that buy into the mentality feel that those who have do not deserve it. Corrupt power is synonymous with liberalism.

People need to stop buying into the liberal ideology. It does not help the poor. Liberalism keeps the poor in poverty so that those in power can maintain that power. Obama is the perfect example of this. He has only used his position for personal gain rather than to actually help people. He sees his position as president as some sort of justice for the years he spent as a minority. He feels that the rich white man owes him for the discrimination. Being president is his ultimate justice but it is not the end. Obama will continue to promote policies that destroy the upper class and even the middle class. He will be seen as a champion of the poor to a lot of people but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Personal responsibility has to become commonplace again. People may start out in this life equally, hence are created equal, but people do not end their lives equal. People’s position in society depends on their hard work and determination. Liberals would have you believe that most poor people cannot change their situation so they need help from those who are not so poor. They would have you believe that the poor can only overcome their situation with hand outs from the government. The truth is that poor people can rise out of their situation if they try hard enough. America is the land of opportunity and anyone can make it. The liberal ideology would keep people in poverty while driving more and more people into poverty. Liberalism would create a system so rigid that no one would be able to change their situation even if they wanted to.

So maybe liberalism cannot be understood completely but people should try because in order to fight something you have to understand it first. Liberalism is bad for America and bad for the world. Whatever name they call it the ideology just will not work. No socialist country on earth has ever survived in all of history. Liberalism is socialism so liberalism will destroy any country as well. Liberalism should be rejected and understood for what it is: a corrupt system where those in power decide who gets money and keeps people in poverty. Liberalism is the modern day slavery.

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In the course of a person’s life they will have an average of 10 jobs. In all of these jobs there are of course things that one will not like and pure bull crap they will have to put up with. Some jobs are more difficult than others. The most difficult are the ones that have an unbearable supervisor.
Many bosses it seems have lost the ability to relate to their employees. For some reason after attaining their managerial position they lose the ability to know what it was like as an entry level employee. They use and abuse their power simply because they are on an ego trip. Many of these bosses really need to go back to school for employee relations.
When you have people quitting left and right or just plain horrible morale something is obviously wrong. Of course many of these bosses don’t even realize that they are the problem. They are so blissfully unaware or simply so arrogant that they do not realize the toll they are taking on their employees and in turn the work required does not get done.
When morale is low inevitably quality will be low. People with no motivation will only do the bare minimum to get by. Employees have to have an incentive to work hard and keep coming back day after day. If the environment is terrible then there is no incentive.
Another area in employment is that of pay. People should really be paid based on their performance not simply just because they show up for eight hours every day. If an employee is doing shoddy work then they should get shoddy pay. That right there would be motivation enough to do good quality work. It’s really sad when there are employees who work so hard and yet receive the same rate of pay as someone who slacks off for the entire eight hour day.
Really I think it is the responsibility of direct supervisors to ask for raises for their employees. If a supervisor sees a person doing an exceptional job then they should go to the guy above them and ask for a pay raise for that person. It seems some bosses are too afraid to ask because they think they will look bad. You can’t really look bad when you are standing up for your employees. If someone deserves more money they should get it. There should never be set in stone rates for any position in the work force. Maybe a minimum and a maximum but there should be a lot of room in between to work with.
In the end if you have happy employees you will have a good work place and high quality. The people that do the supposed “grunt” or low lever work are usually the most important to keep a business going. Think about it, if all of the janitors at a school just decided to quit that place would get really dirty in a hurry. Also if all the groundskeepers at a golf course were to suddenly leave the course would be in shambles.
These people at some of the supposed lowest levels should be paid a whole lot more. It’s hard work to clean and maintain anything really. When a boss won’t stand up for these people and won’t ask for a raise for these people something is wrong. Usually these lower employees work and make the boss look good. So he gets paid his salary and gets his benefits while the lowly employees that allow him to keep his job get paid next to nothing with no benefits. How is that fair exactly?
Many bosses need to step up and be better at their jobs. They need to create a warm and welcoming work environment as well as provide the compensation equal to the job and quality of that job. Employees don’t need to be berated, especially in front of other employees. They don’t need to be treated like children or like they are stupid. This just decreases morale and makes the employees resent the employer. They should be happy to work for a boss not resent it. Happy employees equal a happy business. The sooner employers learn this the better.

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Casey Anthony

Unless you have been living under a rock you know the name Casey Anthony and that whole situation. The mother that was accused of killing her daughter and then trying to cover it up. The media hype over this one case has been absolutely insane. You have had commentators railing against this horrible mother who they said for sure killed her own daughter. It’s amazing how Ms. Anthony was convicted by public opinion and the media before even having a formal trial. To the utter shock and dismay of millions Casey Anthony was just recently found not guilty of killing her daughter. The outrage over this verdict has been amazing.
Honestly I don’t think Casey was guilty in the least. The evidence presented by the prosecution was circumstantial at best. The only evidence the media and the public had was that she had gone partying after her daughter went missing. Now to some this might seem cold-hearted and inexcusable but no one knows what was actually going through her head. Could it be possible that she was so distraught she wanted an escape? Maybe she was using partying and alcohol to get away from the pain for a few moments. Again this is all circumstantial evidence and should hold no bearing in a court of law. Luckily it didn’t.
One huge proponent of the hate on Casey Anthony crowd was Nancy Grace. For those who don’t know Nancy Grace is an absolute monster of a woman who has her own show on CNN Headline News. She discusses legal issues and such with great fervor and passion. Nancy used to be a prosecutor in Georgia and used extremely dirty tactics to supposedly bring people to justice. Now that she has her own show she feels it is her responsibility to influence court cases that she feels strongly about. If she thinks a suspect is guilty she completely attacks their character and everything she can to make them look that much worse.
I’m sorry but I thought it was innocent until proven guilty in our justice system not the other way around. So many times she has completely destroyed a person simply based on her hunches or thoughts regarding that individual. In the Casey Anthony case it was no different. From the very beginning she was attacking her character and personal choices. She even played jailhouse tapes of conversations between Casey and the rest of her family. Honestly I don’t think a person is at their best when they are in jail. You get very little sleep, poor nutrition and unbearable company. You may lash out and not make complete sense when talking.
Another case was that of Haleigh Cummings. Misty Croslin was convicted of attempting to buy drugs to distribute and was also the last person to see Haleigh Cummings before she disappeared. According to Nancy Grace this means that Misty knows where she is at and is guilty of kidnapping or possibly murder. Again there is no evidence of this just a hunch by Nancy. In this case Nancy showed tapes of Misty complaining about the food and conditions within jail. She completely derided her for this saying she just needs to suck it up. Nancy has never spent any time in jail so she has no idea what the conditions are like. She just sent people to jail.
Now there is the issue of Nancy’s record as a prosecutor. In two cases she was reprimanded by the Georgia supreme court for misconduct. One case was even overturned as a result of her completely dirty tactics. Another was declared a mistrial because she brought up totally unrelated rape and murder cases in a heroin case. Obviously this woman has no respect for the law. If she had it her way anyone charged with a crime would be guilty upon being charged. There would be no burden of proof and no trial.
Nancy Grace needs to get out of the law business completely. She doesn’t care about the process of law as clearly demonstrated in the Casey Anthony case. After the acquittal Nancy stated that the jury got it wrong. Well what an insult to those 12 people. Those 12 people got it wrong but Nancy Grace knows the truth. I think the word for that would be narcissism. When you think you are the only one who is ever right and that the world revolves around them that is narcissism. Nancy Grace is clinical in this area. Seriously she needs to see a psychologist or something.
Somewhere along the line Nancy Grace must have lost faith in the justice system or something. Now I’m not at all saying that it is perfect by any means. People get wrongly convicted all the time and also get off Scot free when they really are guilty. But on the flip side I do believe that America has one of the best if not the best justice systems in the world. Presumed innocence is one of the cornerstones or American justice. Nancy seems to think that presumed innocence is a farce. Thank God the jurors in the Casey Anthony case did not heed the word of a crazed woman on a rampage. Thank God they evaluated the evidence or lack thereof and based on that evidence made the right decision.
So Nancy Grace you need to stop publicly crucifying people just because you have some gut feeling or think they are guilty. You are not a judge, you are not a juror and you are not a prosecutor anymore. You are a television hack who needs to get a life. You say you advocate for victims but the truth is that you are only concerned with your ratings and popularity. All press is good press right Nancy? I wanna know when we are going to hear a public apology from you to these people who turn out to be innocent. It’s probably never going to happen but if you have any dignity and any honor you will apologize. The sooner the better.

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Sex Offender Registry

In 2006 the Adam Walsh Act was enacted into law. It made fundamental changes to the sex offender registry both federally and in state jurisdictions. It classifies sex offenders into three tiers based on their offense instead of the old system where they were classified based on risk of reoffense. There is also additional information that must be provided by sex offenders such as place of employment and email addresses.
First of all how will law enforcement monitor every single sex offender’s email address? Seems to me that for one this violates right to privacy laws as well as many terms of service of email companies. In most of the terms of service there are clauses that state a person’s information will not be disclosed unless law enforcement issues a subpoena or warrant. So are law enforcement agencies going to issue subpoenas for every single sex offenders email in the country? According to the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children there were 728,435 registered sex offenders in the United States and its territories as of 2010. Monitoring all those emails is really an impossible task.
In Michigan alone there were 46,635 sex offenders. Obviously these numbers have since gone up with all the new convictions and lack of offenders leaving the list. This has become a modern day witch hunt. Though some offenders certainly do deserve to be monitored and restricted there are others who have no business being on the registry. A person can be put on the registry for anything these days. From peeing in public to having consensual sex with someone two or three years younger than you. Thankfully in Michigan the “Romeo and Juliet” cases are being removed from the registry.
Another issue with the registry is making it public. Most people say that this is a good thing because people can monitor these offenders and help law enforcement. The problem is that people make false reports all the time and treat sex offenders like lepers. Our neighbor to the north, Canada, doesn’t even have a public registry. Only law enforcement knows who is a sex offender just like any other crime. Law enforcement is finding that this is the best and most successful approach to the sex offender problem. Michigan has even invited consultants from Canada to talk about Canada’s sex offender registry and its possible implementation in the U.S.
The whole sex offender issue has really just become a way for politicians to make it look like they are actually doing something. Most of the provisions of the registry and unenforceable due to the high number of offenders on the registry as well as some of the ridiculous guidelines. One ridiculous guideline is prohibiting non-child sex offenders from living or loitering within 1,000 feet of a school zone. This would be crimes like adult on adult rape, attempted rape, peeing in public, and other such crimes. How does it make sense to prohibit a non-child sex offender from being around a school? If the person had a child they couldn’t go to any of their sporting events or other school functions and yet are not threat to children.
Politicians need to stop inciting public fear just so they can keep their jobs. All they are doing is stirring up the public and then passing legislation that really can’t do anything but bind up the system more than it already is. Law enforcement officials are already overburdened without the resources to effectively monitor those that actually need it. The AWA legislation makes it much more difficult to monitor those that are actually dangerous. The system is going to be even more overburdened.
The system obviously needs reform. The public registry should be completely done away with and offenders should be put on the list on a case by case basis rather than just for their offense. Also no one under 18 should be put on the list. Texas currently has offenders on their list as young as 10. This is ridiculous. Also I think the registration times should be greatly reduced. I think that only the most serious and dangerous offenders should have to register for life. Others should only have to register for possibly 5 years up to 25 years in 5 year increments depending on crime as well as risk.
According to the Department of Justice the average rate of recidivism among all sex offenders since 1983 has been 9%. For all other felonies the average rate of recidivism has been 42%. So why the discrepancy in monitoring and restrictions? To be honest its all about the money. If it wasn’t then why is federal money tied to states passing the AWA legislation? A few select people raise hell about sex offenders and because their voices are loud politicians listen and use the issue as a political tool. Politicians always want to look as if they are doing something when in reality all they do is a lot of talk and nonsense legislation like this.
Eventually the system will break and it will have to be fixed when its in a crisis situation. It is getting too overloaded and eventually will no longer be sustainable. It will cost too much money and require too much manpower. Plus the public will start to realize how ridiculous the system is once someone they know is on the registry. With the growing number of people on the registry from stupid legislation like this it is only a matter of time when the system will implode upon itself. Soon enough common sense will take over instead of irrational fear fueled by politicians trying to get reelected.

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Christianity’s Problem

I recently read a quote from Thomas Jefferson that I found quite intriguing. The quote was: “To the corruptions of Christianity I am, indeed, opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself. I am a Christian, in the only sense in which he wished any one to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines, in preference to all others; ascribing to himself every human excellence…”
I find this true today as well. Christianity has become so corrupt and defiled that it is hardly recognizable anymore. Many Christians are completely blind to this crisis as well. Most of them either are ignorant of how corrupt their religion has become or choose to ignore it.
I recently spoke with a professing Christian about this dilemma. We argued back and forth making our points. I gave a quote from Gandhi who, though not a professing believer, certainly was a wise man nonetheless. The quote was, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” In response to this quote the Christian simply said that Gandhi didn’t believe and is paying for his choice. So in other words this wise man is burning in hell so we don’t really need to listen to what he had to say.
This is the arrogance, ignorance or just plain stupidity of a lot of Christians today. They feel as if they are the supreme authority and that any criticism about the religion as a whole or the people of the religion is totally false and without merit. Many times I have tried talking to Christians about how they are acting as a whole and how the religions has become so perverted and yet no one wants to listen.
It has been quite a while since I have actually attended church because I just don’t feel comfortable around people who say one thing and do the complete opposite. They preach love and yet have none. They preach forgiveness and give none. They say do not judge and yet bang their gavels any chance they get. They say to humble yourself and yet stand proud on the crushed souls of people they have hurt.
Who knows when Christians will learn the errors of their ways? The truth is they may never learn. Christianity has become less about helping those lost souls in need and more about how to control the masses. Preachers today lead their flocks on their own beliefs rather than on the foundation of the Bible. Of course the masses follow blindly, ignorantly believing that every man or woman with the title of preacher or pastor must be chosen by God. Many Christians have never even read the entire Bible for themselves. They always take someone else’s word for it.
Christians need to take a step back and start considering the criticism. Not all is credible but some of it is and they need to discern what to listen to. Christians need to learn from their mistakes. They need to listen and not just shout their beliefs. They can even learn from a damned, nonbeliever like Gandhi. They need to stop blindly following, stop trying to control, get off their power trip, read for themselves and treat nonbelievers with the same respect as believers. Honestly who needs God more, those that have already found him or the ones that are lost in the endless sea of ignorance?
Jesus didn’t go to the ones who “had it all figured out”. He went to the prostitutes, thieves, murderers, lepers, outcasts and the lost. Jesus held the Pharisees and Sadducees with disdain because they shunned the very people that Jesus helped. If Jesus was among us today he would be furious with his supposed followers. In fact he is probably looking down from heaven with such disgust and anger. Christians today are the Pharisees and Sadducees of old.
It may be too late for most but there are some who can still be rescued from their ignorance and arrogance. Maybe some will listen when someone says there is a problem. Not just a problem but a crisis of epic proportions. Alas the end may come before most realize the error of their ways.

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